Mother Puggers - T-Shirt design for fun and fundraising

Mother Puggers - T-Shirt design for fun and fundraising - student project

Wow! I nearly forgot I was taking two classes at the same time for almost the same reason. Because this project originally was centered around a logo I'd spent most of my design/sketch time in the Logo class and didn't want to post the same thing two different places. Turns out that in the process I've managed to separate the logo/brand from the t-shirt design so I'm going to start putting my work on the shirt idea here. I'm sorry I don't have any in progress stuff to show as I'm just trying to throw this up here as it gets close to the deadline. I will be putting more work up later this evening.

Mother Puggers - T-Shirt design for fun and fundraising - image 1 - student project


I've had brewing for years in my squishy think meats the idea for a novelty t-shirt related to how idiotically bonkers I am for pugs. Speaking with some other pug owners and how, to us, it appears as if pug people are somehow a different breed of dog owners, we likened it to a sort of gang. Since then I'd been tossing the idea back and forth in my mind to start a website and design shirts/merch around the rather silly gang sounding moniker of "Mother Puggers."

Not knowing where to start, I regularly revisit and reshelve the idea in perpetuity. With Skillshare, and the timing of the Logo Design and T-Shirt Design classes, I've made the decision to hunker down with the guidance herein and focus on this project.

A secondary purpose and motivation to complete the project is tied into an effort I'd like to start towards raising money for pug rescue organizations. As a pug owner it breaks my heart every single time I hear a story of a mistreated or abandoned pug. It is inconcievable how someone can take an animal intentionally bred to make people happy and do anything but love it to the end of days. I want to help make sure that these pugs are getting the help they need to heal and live happy, comfortable lives.

Should I complete this project successfully and somehow not stumble on to my face, it's my intention to donate a chunk of any money made by this endeavor to regional pug rescue organizations.

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