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Mother Knows Best

Source Text: The Pastures of Heaven.

I chose to adapt Steinbeck's work because I am partial to his vibrant style of writing. Chapter V of Pastures describes the hardship of widowed mother Helen Van Deventer's struggle to raise her obscenely temperamental and deranged daughter, Hilda. My selection was driven by two motives: (1) I believe this story to be the most tragic out of all the other stories, and (2) I can identify with the onerous hardship that comes with having a loved one who suffers from mental illness.  

Drafting Your Screenplay:

Final Draft

Logline: After failing to overcome her child's violent mental illness, a hopeless, single-mother discovers how to deal with her oppressive daughter. 


(Below are each of the previous drafts.)

Update: 7-20-14

Third Draft

Update: 7-13-14

I just completed my second draft that now includes a completed dialogue. I hope you guys like it. 

Second Draft

Update: 7-10-14

I just finished what is sort of my first draft. I decided to make it into a monologue. So far I have only roughly completed the action, and only 10-15% of the monologue exists. For this draft my goal was to see if I can effectively convey the imagery in my mind. I should have the second draft with the completed monologue in a day or two, hopefully.

First Draft

Thank you!


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