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Mother Hips at the Sweetwater Music Hall 9.28.13

 I have decided to take this course because I love creating music posters and I'd love to improve my technique as well as get some new ideas and inspiration.

I genuinely like typography a lot more than just illustration, but I am going to try to push myself to work more with images on this project, rather than just text.

The Mother Hips are one of my favorite bands. They have a very unique "California Soul" sound. I chose their show at the Sweetwater Music Hall on September 28th to make a poster for. 

When I think of how to portray the Hips through a poster, several descriptions come to mind:

-California Soul, Rock N Roll, beachy, psychedelic, ocean, surf, the color yellow, a vintage inspired feeling

I like that our teachers mentioned tying the venue into the poster. That is something I'm not prone to thinking about so I already feel like I've learned something. I did a little research on the Sweetwater Music Hall and the site said that they have 2 mermaid paintings from the Original Sweetwater Music Hall that might be nice to incorporate since it kind of also fits with the name "Mother Hips." 

As far as the rest of the concept so far, I am thinking about incorporating the Shape of California, just because it fits them so well as is so iconic. 

I also like the look of this Poster. found these on Designspiration, what a cool site!!

I really like the color choices for those. I have made a "California themed" poster before but I don't really want this one to be all about the text like this Nicki Bluhm one was. I'd like the illustration to do most of the talking in this one! 

I'll post my sketch ideas soon! Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)

Just found one more awesome mermaid idea from Designspiration. Would be cool to somehow wrap the mermaids tail around the state?

Couple of first sketches. I'm already frustrated because I'm not a very good drawer. Any feedback would be appreciated!

Taking a day or two to try to think on my idea. Had the idea of a mermaid whose tail was the state shape of CA. Wondering if I'm being too literal with these images. it seemed like it could work. still trying ideas.


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