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Moth to the Flames

It wasn’t at all like breathing. Not an intuitive motion of the body. Harp could only watch with a mask obscuring her facial features. In the flames before her danced her family, her friends, and all bidding movements in some tribal attempt to be closer to the godly pyre. She knew their bodies, the vessels that held their immaculate souls to this earth, but masks obscured faces, like hers. Harp watched in vane as everything but the fire and it’s dancing minions were illuminated.

‘How am I to move like that? To show that I am a child of the fire as well?’ she thought.

Something caught her eye in the tumultuous dance and she knew.

Standing she moved slowly towards her family, and for a moment the entire dance went still. Only the cracking of the flames and the inviting warmth spiraled up into the air. Her mask was grinned insanely back at the people around the fire, like a mad hatter’s face, and she could no longer se their bodies or faces. Only the fire was in front of her bidding her welcome into its embrace.

Into the air she jumped high, back arching as she began to court the flames. Her arms stretched out like wings as she leaped and spun in circles. The rest of the dancers could only stand and watch as Harp bounded gloriously courting the flames.

The fire lapped her pale ankles as they lifted from the ground, licking her body as though it wanted to be her dance partner. She laughed, a brilliant tinny sound, and slowly the flames began to engulf her, as she continued to dance. No one could stop the fire from taking her body, but she was not burning but changing. Her legs and arms disappeared leaving only pale red wings, and her body became the soft body of a moth.

When all of her human form was burned away all that was left in the flames was her mask. Grinning up into the night sky, and her friends and family thought they should weep for their loss, but Harp continues to dance in the flames like the moth that fell in love many years ago.


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