Moth to a Flame (prototype game, unreleased)

If you’re a consumer looking for your app, what keywords will you Search for?

Instructions: Make this list as exhaustive as possible, grouping similar keywords onto each line.

Moth, puzzle, animal, animals, survival, survive, action, adventure, beautiful, art, artsy, obstacle, obstacles, enemy, enemies, defeat, fight, battle, light, lights, artistic

Now, using the keywords you listed, create a Keyword Tree in the space below. Use the Keyword Tree slide as guidance.

                                                                      Keyword: Moth


The Moth


Butterfly Flutter



Audiobooks Now


Audobon Insects and Spiders


Moth Hunt

Ants vs. Anteater

Moth to a Flame (hypothetical, not really released yet)

Now that Genius results play a larger part in Search discoverability, brainstorm what types of apps are similar to your own that your users might already have.

Education, reference, entertainment, arcade, simulation, kids, family, puzzle, strategy, action, adventure

Lastly, look at the two Categories that you are planning to launch your app under. What are the names of the top 5 apps in each Category?

Category 1:     Puzzle                                             Category 2: Family

Monkey Business: Block Puzzle                      Preschool Free Amazing Logic

123 Pop Movie Quiz                                        Flux Ball

Box It! – Avoid the Dots                                  Get Your Goat

Trap the Squirrel                                            The Card Table

Super Troll Games: Vol I                                 A Cash Flow $

Based on your Keywords work above, brainstorm some highly discoverable names for your app.

Moth to a Flame: Insect Puzzle Game

Moth to a Flame: Free Insect Puzzle Game

Moth to a Flame: Strategy Insect Puzzle Game

Moth to a Flame – Survive This Insect Puzzle Game




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