Moth & Scorpion Symmetry

Moth & Scorpion Symmetry - student project

When I was first playing around with the symmetry tool I drew this moth and some ladybugs and flower/star shapes, and decided to throw them all together into a cute little composition:
Moth & Scorpion Symmetry - image 1 - student project

For the actual project I chose a scorpion as the main subject with a desert theme: Moth & Scorpion Symmetry - image 2 - student project

I learned a lot from this class including how to make stamps in Procreate - I had not done that before, it makes things so much easier! And the cheatsheet with theme/subject ideas is so handy, I will be referencing that for future illustrations for sure.

This class also helped me with simplifying color palettes, usually when I am doing an illustration I use way too many colors and it ends up looking cluttered and messy. Limiting it to only a few colors, and pre-planning the colors for each element are such helpful tips for me. I will definitely be taking the Fun With Colors class next :)