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Most Hated Man in West Texas

Seco Creek, Texas is a nice town.

That manly old west swagger is still around, but it’s been tamed by the civilizing influences of church, school and government.

There’s lots to do – the annual chili cook off, the Miss Yellow Rose pageant, the May Day parade, the Cattle Baron’s ball and more.

And it’s got two churches.

Yes sir, Seco Creek is a darn fine town with just one problem – you.

It might start with littering and end up with double homicide.  How far are you willing to go to be The Most Hated Man in West Texas?

- - -

The Most Hated Man in West Texas is a competitive roleplaying/card game I've been monkeying with for a while now.  Players each choose an archetype of asshole, things like The Gossip, The Bully, or The Weasel.  The players take turns drawing cards that represent events in the annual life of Seco Creek.  They then compete to see who can do a finer job of ruining said event by being the biggest jerk possible. This plays out as a series of betting and seeing and resolves based on whose hand of cards most closely matches the rank and suit of the event card.

While designing these event cards, I had several goals.

  • Present the information in a way that it can be read and understood from different spots around the table.
  • Evoke the style of Texas in the 1920s
  • Maintain traditional playing card elements so the game can be played with or without the custom cards (much like The Quiet Year)

Here are some prototypes I created before starting this class.

(Each card will have two icons on it as seen in the first example.  As I started adding them to the other mock ups I said "There must be a better way!" and stopped.)

The biggest issue I see with setting this up is the different sized brackets and wildly varying amount of text on a card.  I'm not sure if I can program the spreadsheet to change bracket sizes if the amount of text exceeds a limit.  Also, when I mess with the brackets they start changing thickness and I am not fond of that,

Additionally, the suit indicators and numbers all seemed to need slight tweaks to get them to align correctly.  I'm afraid that replacing them with variables will make everything look uneven and out of whack.



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