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Most Eye-catching E-mail Template!



  • Does the e-mail have a specific purpose?

The purpose of this e-mail is to introduce one of the designers of that company. The point gets across very easily, due to the minimalistic use of text. E-mails can get hectic and chaotic, so writing the appropriate information in short, meaningful sentences gives me (and not only!) a break from the tension. It's like a breath of fresh air! Furthermore, it's important to mention that her own works are shown and promoted with a friendlier tone. I dislike it when people have no discretion selling their products, as it makes me uncomfortable.

  • Is the content appropriate for that purpose?

It makes me happy to see such a light-hearted, but professional e-mail. The information given is just enough and it encourages the viewer to get to know more about her. The colors and the pictures that were chosen are subtle and pleasant. Frequent use of bolder colors can be overwhelming. Each element compliments another and there are spaces for the eye to rest, too. After all, an image equals a thousand words!

  • Does it render correctly?

It does. I haven't had any problems loading or viewing it whatsoever, no matter what device or method I used. It is frustrating when they don't render properly.

  • Is it mobile friendly and responsive?

I had forgotten this factor, to be honest, as I am not a mobile phone lover. In this day and age, having quick access and being able to check your e-mails through your phone is vital, because most people now spend most of their time away from their personal spaces and are in a hurry. In any case, I immediately grabbed my phone to check it out. Indeed, it works perfectly, the same as if I was on my computer.


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