Moss Code: Black Culture & Technology From Moss Side, Manchester

Moss Code is a blend of pop culture, politics and commentary on the technological tools we find so indispensable. I'm opinionated, and my writing reflects it. I'm building a computer science laboratory in an impoverished-but-historic Black community, without resources and with lots of challenges. This blog reflects and documents that journey but also reflects the wider world: big ideas and also the little machines in our pockets. My goal in joining this community (after sitting on it for a year) is to write more consistently. It matters. Come take a look - and welcome.

Why Am I Making This?

  • To spread my ideas
  • Announce to the world that Moss Code exists
  • Attract attention, resources and money in my direction
  • Make contacts with people in technology
  • Create a new kind of technology blog, with black cultural priorities front-and-centre
  • Articulate my thoughts
  • Document what I am doing and building


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