Moscow | Skillshare Projects





Hi! Many thanks for this class, it was very interesting and a real joy even though monoline is a new subject for me. 


After making some sketches i realized i had just 3 markers of that type (black, white and gold) and absolutely no surface looking like the one you used. Also i had no idea how it's going to look in different color combinations, so i went on sketching on a red paper with markers. But any variation was too alike a logo of a Moscow football team (because of the colors i suppose) and marker's lines looked different on a common paper, so i decided to give my cheap folder i had a try. It was interesting because i could see through it and i played a bit with shadows, just moving that folder around my sketch.




After all i've made the final work. And i felt so inspired i made one more project using the most common lettering instrument for me - the brushpen.


That is so nice, because normally i dont like to work in photoshop on my projects and this time i really enjoyed it. Can't wait to see what else i can do with my lettering on PC!


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