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Mosaic Sealife

Hi Everyone! I've taken a few classes on Skillshare but this is my first ever project. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing all that know! 

It wasn't too hard coming up with a theme for my pattern. I am drawn to the ocean, beach and sealife.  I grew up on the beaches in Florida and the majority of my childhood was spent on my dad's boat, digging around on sandbars, and exploring islands. Now I live miles away from Florida but love going back to visit family. The ocean reminds me of home. :) 

The other element I wanted to add to my pattern was mosiac tiles. I love the different sized shapes of sea glass, rough grout lines, and the colors. I'm not exactly sure how it will all come together in the end but I'm enjoying the process so far! :) 


Update: Here are my sketches


...and here they are once on the computer. I didn't like how skinny my starfish ended up being so I used my wacom tablet and drew another one.


Pattern Tile


and here is the repeat:


and I really wanted to use my little seahorse I drew so I made him his own special pattern...

Here is his tile.


and here is the repeat...


I had a really good time playing around creating the patterns. I was really surprised how many times I would go back and play around with the placement of things once I saw the repeat....something would look off or not in the right place. I eventually would just have to stop myself and come back to it. I still think my seahorse placement is a little off but I like the vibe of not quite straight and somewhat out of line that it's rockin'. 

Thank you Elizabeth for this class and the challenge! I work well on deadlines so the challenge gave me the extra push to complete a project! 


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