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Mos Eisley Cantina

Since child I have been a huge Star Wars Fan. So I didn't took long to decide what I would do in this project.

For this I began searching reference of this iconic place. I opted to represent some of the characters that made this cantina what it is for the franchise.

After I got my reference I started working in illustrator and tracing each member or item.

The bith musicians couln't be ignored.


I confess I had wet dreams as a child about one or another twi'lek.



BTW Han shot first.


After this I didn't made much of sketching (sadly) and jumped right away to illustrator to get my design.


Then I followed Jake's instructions and got so into it that forgot to take screenshots and record my progress.

Finally after concluding a 10 second clip (10 seconds sound easy... SOUNDS!!!!) I used premiere to add the music. I know I could have done it also in AE but it was just so easy in Premiere and I was so tired.

So this is it. Hope you like it and it would be great to hear of your comments and opinions. Also a special thanks to Jake. Through his classes I have learned so so much of After Effects and he makes it just so easy to follow along. I promise to finish my pending projects on the other classes. 

Oh and the music was just for the fun... ;) Enjoy!!! 


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