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Mort's Centaur

Hey everyone! Excited to start in on this course with all of you. After watching the videos I began scouring the web for mythological creatures that I could use for this project. I was interested in so many (mythology is FULL of AWESOME creatures) and began by creating a long list of potential subjects. After narrowing the list to three candidates (the hippocamp, the yale, and the centaur), I eventually decided on the centaur because I was drawn to the man vs. beast dichotomy going on and it's a very well-known creature with a lot of room to diverge from the romance-cover version we typically see today. With my choice finalized I began the brain-storming process:The final section sums up my vision for this project. Whereas most centaurs I've seen are definitely more human than animal, at least as far as their personalities go, I want to make a centaur that is brutal, savage, and almost unrecognizable as a person. This is an intelligent being who has fully given in to its more bestial nature.

What do you think? Excited to see what everyone is coming up with.


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