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I wasn't very comfortable with script lettering so i thought I would take this class to improve and get more comfortable with it. so I started with writing morton (last name) like 100 times lol:) then i circled the ones I liked the most.^^^^


SoI mixed a few things that i liked together and came up with this guy.^^^^^



I then refined that idea and took at look at what I wanted to change. I decided to change some spacing and the knot looking florish on the left. So with another piece of tracing paper I tried out some other flourishes. ^^^^^


I kept working layer upon layer.^^^^


then got to this finished state. I couldn't do any digital work with it, so here it is. Coming from where i was with script lettering to this i am very happy. I still need to refine more but as of right now I'm happy with this. Thanks Martina!^^^^^^


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