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Morse Coda: Sublimation

I decided to create artwork for my friend's band Morse Coda. They're an awesome rock band from Lancaster, PA, and they are finally starting to take off.

Anyways, for this project, I wanted to convey the feels of small venues that bands like this have played in. I went to a bar in Philadelphia called Bob and Barbara's, where on the weekends they have a blues band play for everyone. They have a sweet setup, but what really caught my attention was the atmosphere, and the decor in the place. The walls were filled with random pictures and posters, which gave the whole place a really grungy feel. So I decided that I would base my project off that, and go along with it.

Bob and Barbara's Lounge


Illustrator File:

Final Project:

Pleaseee feel free to leave some feedback, anything would be great! Thanks!


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