Where Art and Fashion Collide

Who We Are

Morphik is an independent, artist-driven fashion company of three based in Los Angeles and New York City.  We have a passion for art, and a desire to revolutionize the way art and fashion can commingle in a single medium.

Our mission is to create intimate and provocative relationships between people and art. We truly believe that art can transform the way we think about ourselves and how we portray ourselves to the world.

Our collection is designed for those who recognize the transformative and transcendent nature of art, for those who seek something stunning and rare; someone who is captivated by the vision behind an artist’s work and shares a love of bold visual expression.

Morphik's foundation was built on artist collaboration, and we are working with some of the most cutting-edge talents from around the globe.  These artists represent a myriad of genres and media—from painting and photography to graffiti and street art.  Each artist in the network represents the vanguard in their respective fields and conveys a visual language that is reflective of the trends happening in contemporary art today.

Idea for the product

I came up with the idea after showing a print that I had bought for my wife to some coworkers.  I had it delievered to my work so that I could suprise her. The artwork was from a relatively unknown artist named  Eric White.  What was interesting to me was the amount of people who responded to the artwork.  One coworker actually knew of the artist.  It triggered the thought that if I had the print sent home these conversations around art wouldn't have happened.  I wanted to develop products that would give people the ability to have art in their lives at all times.  

Social Media

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A Bright Initiative

Morphik started A Bright Initiative in order to recognize organizations and charities doing inspiring work to benefit lives and positively impact the world. Morphik is currently giving 40% of all online sales to our partner organizations.. 

Our Artists

The Product

Our line is a variety of leather and snakeskins bracelets, which features the work of one of many prominent artists creating today.  The bracelet's artwork is interchangeable so that art can be matched with the wearer’s wardrobe.  Each artwork is a limited edition museum archival fine art print of an original piece of artwork. The edition is limited to 250.  The artwork can be hung on the wall when not being worn using our custom packaging.

Online lookbook:  


Wholesales Linesheets Examples:  For this class we have deleted the wholesale and MSPR prices.  These are only the first page of the linesheets.  The artwork is extensive with 80 licensed pieces.

Founding Members

Christopher O'Byrne - Founder - LA

Kate Murphy - Art Director - Brooklyn NY

Bellal Labanieh - Marketing - LA



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