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Mark Todd




Morocco Trip Inspired First Time Code

So I am about to start section 4 of the course, and so far I am loving it. It is actually my holiday project. I am a motion graphics designer and I currently work client side within a UI and UX team and I have been dipping into expressions and code writing for about a year as I find sometimes I cannot get After Effects to do what I want. This is my holiday project. I am in Morocco and I found this course and throught it would be a great time to learn some code properly and come our of my holiday with a finished piece. This is my pattern (SVG) that is inspired by the Moroccan mosaics that are all around me. Will keep you posted on how it goes.......


So I have completed section 4 and I am playing with the Hype toolbox and the HShape examples included on the course, I have implemented my own colour scheme and vector and I have got the following results, with the excellent 'S' key to render a PDF.


Playing with HShapeLayout and realised I could generate endless complex PNG's with FORM in After Effects and then apply the SVG's to anyone of the PNG's in the animation sequence. Been getting some interesting results and this is just the start of playing around.

Form PNG Exported from After Effects

HShapeLayout Version of Above:


Using my original Moroccan shapes, exported as SVG's and then using HShapeLayer with patterns exported from After Effects form PNG Sequences and starting to get some interesting results.


Been a while, but got some new projects coming up and want to utilise Hype framework, withg a Leap motion to control it and started to play again and made this guy from an image series I am working on with old kings. 


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