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Mornings with Marco

{tiny hands}

I couldn't do this project without capturing the baby hands and baby toes that are ever present in my daily routine. As you can see here, I usually start my day with a sweet boy by my side. At 4 months, he's increasingly interested in anything I'm doing. About a week ago, we both ended up with cereal in our lap.

{french press + colombian coffee} 

With boiling water, I thought it was best to keep my mini me out of this shot, but like my coffee, the little guy is proudly half Colombian.  

{berry delicious}

After the cereal incident, I've migrated toward more solids in the bowl for breakfast. Hence, the yogurt & berries. You may not be able to tell here, but I'm actually holding the babe and the camera in this one. I was a little bummed that I couldn't grab a centered shot over the coffee, but I'll just tell myself that the imperfection is part of the charm here.

These were all shot in our little kitchen in Brooklyn.

Here are the originals + outtakes...


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