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Andreea Drugă

Junior architect



Morning with an orange


Great inspiring class!

I photographed my morning routine and breakfast. I took the picture outside at 10am with natural light, in the back yard of the house. It´s the place where I have breakfast every day.

I like a lot the table cloth and the effect it has to the picture. Also I thought the orange will bring a contrast to that purple. On top of that they are complementary colours so they should work well together. ( I didn´t think about that at the moment of the shooting, I have orange trees around the house so it was the first idea it came in mind).

The place is surrounded by trees and it should have a little bit of natural light, but not everyday...Sun comes here more in the afternoon than the morning.

I had in mind several elements but as I was experimenting gave up to some on the way. Less is more, as I learnt in school.

I finally decided to these elements and experimented some close and far shots.

This next one is my favourite.

And this is the final shot that I posted on Instagram.

Hope you like it, feedback will be veery much appreciated. thanks in advance! Looking fwd to see the results of the competition.


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