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Morning and Nightly Routine

Over the course of the years, I've lost every bit of structure I had in my life. I used to never wake up before 11am, If I didn't have work or school. Sleep was the only time I had to myself. Now that I have graduated from college, I work extra hours at work. I have a set schedule, but it flucuates because I usually end up picking up extra hours which destroys any productivity left in me, I haven't had the time to do things I want to do, from as simple as reading a good book, going to the gym, or engaging in new activities. I want to be able to create "me time" and I believe the best way to start is to is by establishing a routine in the morning and the evening, that will eventually help me lead to into other productive habits that will help with self improvment.

1. What's a overall habit you want to create?

In the morning and before I go to bed, I'd like to journal my thoughts for the day, and reflect on the day before bed.

2. What is your slacker habit for that that habit?

In the morning, I'll take 10 minutes  write 3 important thoughts that are flowing through my mind at that time, and take 10 minutes to reflect and write about the day before bed

3. What is your sandwich? What will you do before and immediately after this slacker habit?

Before - Pray for 5 minutes. After- cup of green tea

4. What is your reward for doing this slacker habit? 

Spend 30 minutes reading a book before starting my day

5. How are you going to be accountable? 

Sharing my progress or failure for that day on twitter

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