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Morning Yoga & Meditation

1. My Habit Personality Type..

I'm a Obliger and a Questioner. This makes sense to me, I'm pretty open-minded and ruled by reason. I'm definitely more inclined to go along with things if I understand the reasoning behind them. I totally identify as an obliger as I respond well to external commitments and deadlines, but don't do well when there isn't any outside enforcement. This means I struggle more with personal goals and habits, but it's something I want to work on.

2. I signed up for this course because in the past, most of my attempts to cultivate new habits have failed. I might get into the swing of things for a few weeks or so but I can't keep up the consistency and they usually fizzle out. This idea from the intro video gave me a huge light bulb moment...  "All of our usual tools such as: self-discipline, willpower, motivation, self-control, adrenaline, excitement - they are all short-term tools. They do not give us the endurance to stay consistent over time." Well, summed up there in one sentence is the reasoning behind my past failures! I'm excited to use the techniques from this class to develop habits that will stick.

3. I'd say in the past, my most consistent good habit is taking a daily multivitamin and drinking green tea. It's a very simple habit, but something I've been doing for just over a year now and coincidentally I haven't been sick except for a few days of a stuffy nose... knock on wood. It's the first thing I do when I get up, so I guess that's the trigger. I bought the adult gummy kind, so it tastes good and is almost a reward for getting up and then I guess taking the multivitamin is the trigger for boiling the water for my tea.

My First 21-Day Habit Experiment

I'm choosing to add daily yoga & meditation to my morning routine. I'm starting with 15min of yoga/stretching and 10min of meditation. I just completed 2 weeks of 1hr daily yoga classes and I'm just starting on another 2 weeks but the classes are in the evening. I really benefit from taking a few minutes in the morning to stretch things out so I thought I'd use it as a way to warm up & wake up for meditation. I've tried meditating in the past, but never consistently despite how beneficial it is. One day I'd like to work my way to 20 or 30mins of meditation, but I'm starting with 10 because as anyone new to meditation knows, when getting your mind to sit still 1min can feel like forever!

Here's my completed habit loop template

Goodluck to everyone else!


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