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Morning Walk in Mendocino

Hi, I'm Nicole Roberts. I'm a web designer by occupation but do photography, art and dance the rest of the time. I find art for arts sake and creative work are both necessary to keep the other alive in different ways. See me at and @nicolerobertscreative on Instagram and @nrcreative on Pintrest. 

In Mendocino over Valentines day with my sweetheart I started my walk at dawn wanting a really nice coastal shot but discovered so many other scenes and details as I continued. The coastal landscape was nice but other images I didn't plan offered more interest.   This was my favorite coastal shot. I loved the profile of the tree but wish you could see it more.


I was shooting with a Nikon D90 and my iphone was full. I think this shot (above) might be better without the lens flare but I could not figure out how to get rid of it. Only editing for these photos is a little auto-tone in photoshop and some other minor adjustments. 


I loved the backlighting on the dirt (above). There were so many trails criss-crossing I really got the feeling of meandering and wandering.  It was a series of simple choices that are simple and uncomplicated. Birds invaded almost every shot which gave me a feeling of company. 


I loved this crow who only was still for a moment.  The texture in his blue-black feathers is beautiful but I wish I got his feet in the frame and some foreground for a better overall composition. If the subject the "trail" or the "coast" then the bird might not fit in the story... or is he the perfect detail? Not sure. 


This was the trail combined with the coast and fog and sky. I wish the clouds were a little darker and more defined and the lens flare wasn't there but the feeling was there. It was a little exciting walking so close to the edge. 


I wanted to capture the fog.  It was so eerie and magical. The black rocks help draw the eye up I think. It also shows the trail going out to the tip. I wish I had a tiny walker out there on the end to show the scale of the cliffs.


And this is my favorite shot of the day. I shared this in the community area. I had crossed paths with this guy packing his sleeping bag back on the beach earlier. I liked the feel of seeing his wild spirit at the start of his day. 

I shot these before I listened to the class videos but I really became more aware of what I was doing on the shoot after I listed to Russ talk about his process.  I'll have to come back and post my next shoot and see how it develops. I feel like I just started scratching the surface. I want to make the images more engaging. I love portraiture. I might need to look for an interesting subject.

- Nicole


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