Caryn Ginsberg

Strategy for Animal Advocates



Morning Visualization and Plan

Even though I'm past deadline, and the course has concluded, I did want to complete and add my blueprint.

My tiny habit will be to spend 5 minutes before I get out of bed visualizing and planning my inspired day.

Trigger. I have placed items by my nightstand including a flip book of inspiring images, my iPod, a pen, and a small notebook. I also have stickies in my bathroom and on the computer as well as email reminders, just in case I get up before doing it.

Tracking. I have stickers which I will place in the notebook or elsewhere. Still deciding where.

Reward. I will get new IPod songs - 1 for the first time, 1 after the next 3 consecutive days, and 1 after the next 5 consecutive, then 1 every 100% successful week thereafter. I may change out the reward at some point. If I complete my target month with not more than 2 misses, there will be a bigger treat such as a new outfit or a massage or show or something. Need to look more on this.

Target: January 30-February 28 = 30 days (practice days Jan. 27-29)

Review: I have also set-up email reminders for a nightly review to assess progress, awared stickers, and note any adjustments for the next day.


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