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Morning Ritual - 30 days of making art

The cover photo -- Day 1---was actually a form of procrastination! I'm hoping that this practice will help me to get past the fear of imperfection aka "analysis paralysis".

I've completed Day 2 - The topic was furniture. I chose to paint Eames chairs using a reference photo I found online. I'm out of practice with watercolor but inherited many supplies---I've only painted landscapes with it in the past and that was in highschool (about 15 years ago!) so drawing using the particular brush I chose was challenging and frustrating but I learned a few things:

 - certain marks I like making and the right amount of water vs. ink the brush needs to make them
 - when I can't "control z" I can paint over those marks and the result is more interesting, organic and authentic feeling
- Using watercolor allows me to see differently - more in hue and colors - as I go -this was difficult for me since I'm very much a "get the lines right" person.


Day 3 - Officially my least favorite day - talk about letting go. The topic was radios, and the dice excercise left me with only 6 minutes. Here is what I learned:

- focus on something small and manageable - like drawing one radio more accurately or basic geometric shapes with extra lines that suggest radio.

- drawing from memory,  depending on the subject, takes less time than referencing a photo.

- I could benefit from drawing basic geometric shapes, faster with different tools.


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