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Lily Kroll

Reader. Photographer. Lover of WiFi. Artist.



Morning - Light - Inspiration

All of my creative idea's come to me either early in the morning or late at night. I'd been thinking about what kind of faceless self portraits I could do, what props to include, how different they should be, and so on. I woke up early one morning and realized the only props I need are the ones I use everyday. Light and my drawing pencil. 


After that I let the project sit for a few weeks. Then I finally took that last two portraits. 


Please ignore that scar I have on my finger! ;P I love working with brown paper and charcoal! We have here, my  trusty little black idea book, charcoal, charcoal pencil, eraser, sharpener, and some smudgers. Everyday tools. 

Last but not least.


This one is my favorite. Taken in the late afternoon. The autumn light was coming in though my window perfectly and it inspired me. I loved getting to play with the deep shadows in this one. I probably took like a hundred. 


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