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Eduardo Aguilar

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Morning + Evening Routine

Hello fellow classmates. I like many of you want to become an early riser and feel more productive in the mornings. I set my routine to be challenging for me, especially the exercising part... I'm open to feedback. I'll update my routine and share anything I find useful to the class. Thank you to Jeff Finely for providing such practical suggestions.

EDIT: My first morning routine took to long so I made changes. I combined Affirmations into my showering and grooming. What better way to say you are great then when you are preparing yourself for the day. I took out gratitude and plan to do it throughout the day. Thanks for helping point that out Matt H.

2018 Edit: Simplified things & to track progress I'm using a large white board in my room to remind myself. It really helps seeing the routine laid out in front of me. I can avoid checking my phone for the information. Once you unlock your phone, you get hit with notifications and other distractions. I'd rather wait until I get to breakfast. 


My purpose:

  • To love myself, learn new skills, and build life-long positive habits in my life.
  • Learn new skills to be successful in where I want to go.
  • Become healthy, be who I know I can be.

Morning Routine:

5:00 AM Wake up

5:05 AM Take supplements with a glass of water.

5:10 AM Shower/Groom/Dressed; Affirmations (I can do many things!) (30 min)

5:40 AM Cold Brew & Breakfast (20 min)

6:00 AM Chores (make bed, tidy up) (15 min) 

6:15 AM Journal for a positive outlook for the day (10-15 min)

6:30 AM Begin regular day with rotating activity (1-2 hours)

Evening Routine:

  1. Adjust routine accordingly.
  2. Prep to make waking up the easiest thing to do.
    1. Set clothes
    2. Get morning water
    3. iPad Charged
    4. Chores 
    5. Charge phone away from my bed. 
  3. Reflect by Journal-ing (10 min.) 

Changes in activity for the week:

MON - Plan and prep for the week 

TUES - Podcast/Reading intensive 

WED - Stay sharp (evaluate skills)

THUR - Video Practice

FRI - Send love to those around me

SAT - Do something outside

SUN - Relfection


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