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Makiko Orser

Illustrator/Graphic Artist/Portrait Photographer



Morning Dew



This is my mood board. When I thought of my brand or what I really like, I thought of Japanese Wabi Sabi concept: finding beauty in imperfection. I love something simple. I love somthing not so ridgit and perfect. Lines and shapes of objects have some sort of warmth of human nature. Hope I could experss well enough and my patterns would have that feelings. 


As Elizabeth pointed out, I noticed that my first mood board wasn't specific enough. I made a general concept, but not a mood board for my collection. So here is additional moodboard for this collection. 

Key words for my collections: Japanese flowers, morning, dew, delicate petals, soft, light. 



I'm adding these sketches to my project. This is always fun part for me. I'm not too worried about drawing perfectly because I know I can fix all in Illustrator so easily. I just try to get the feelings that I want to express. 

DIGITIZED SKETCHES (drawings in Illustrator)


These are drawings in Illustrator. I photographed my sketches and traced by hand. When I take images in Illustrator, I started to see which images I like more, and sometimes I see some of sketches don't work or don't work together. 

My pattern collections:



Here they are! I had trouble with making hero pattern, because the one I made didn't seem to be enough to be a hero pattern. So I put away for a week, and started to work on the hero pattern which is this one above (and one below in pink). Not sure those would go together. You can probably tell they have different feelings to project. First I uploaded this in my cover, then I thought something isn't right. It just didn't feel like gentle feelings I wanted to express, so I changed again which may seem like secondary design. Whew! Making collection isn't easy!

Hero pattern in Pink



After making all these, I realized that my color was too desaturated and pattern elements didn't really pop in my eyes. So later, I picked the brighter color pallets and changed. 

Collection in desaturated blue pallets:


Sorry to show the same patterns over and over. I would appreciate any feedback from anyone!

I think pink collection works the best together. The last one in darker blue pallette seems to be a bit messy to me... what do you guys think? 

Spot Graphics


Product samples


Thank you, Elizabeth for these classes! I loved every bit of it. You are so cute and inspiring! 

As for my project, I feel that I still have long way to go. I'm okay with pattern making technically, but figuring out styles, themes, colors, and put all together wasn't easy. I know you mentioned it in the video many times to work on your styles, but could you tell me how you develop your style? Just make as many patterns as you could and naturally the style start to form?? From your point of view, do you see anything stand out as my style? If you could point that out for me, that would be very helpful! 

One more thing, when you work/approach with clients, do they buy what you have already or they assign you to make something new? I'm assuming some level of revising is always possible..? 

Thank you again! 

To classmates, 

Thank you for sharing wonderful work! 

I appreciate any feedback! 


p.s. I printed patterns I made last a few weeks and mix and matched. Those are tow of them from that I liked. 




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