Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee - student project

Morning Coffee - image 1 - student project

Morning Coffee - image 2 - student project

Morning Coffee - image 3 - student project

Hi! My name's Emily. I recently relocated to Portland from NYC and am starting my own cocktail creation and design business. I enjoy styling cocktails as well as food, and recently decided to do a morning coffee series where I came up with a new twist on my favorite morning beverage each day for a week. I developed and styled these, using my iPhone 6s to shoot and edit them. I used VSCO, Snapseed, and the Instagram app to edit them. I think the look is fairly consistent, but would love feedback. You can find me on instagram at @thegalabouttown

Thanks for sharing your tips, Scott and I look forward to seeing more people's projects.

Emily Ross-Johnson
Cocktail Designer & Social Media Consultant