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Morgan Culture

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Morgan Culture: I made this. You're welcome.

Like many types of art, "it" started with drawing. Then it was painting, later replaced by printmaking, then installations that involved "drawing" in space. A relocation, and suddenly It needs to be On the body, not The Size Of the body, they say. Suddenly, it's Fashion Week and runway shows and performance art and collaboration with DJs and poets. Another relocation.

And suddenly I'm living and working in beautiful sunny Los Angeles, and I need a dress, an awesome dress, like for a wedding, and I can't find one. So I buy a used thing and recycle it into a new thing... Just like I did for my prom dress and all my punk rock clothes. And I realize if I couldn't find the right dress, there surely must be more like me? I make more of them.

And it's bridal shows, and wearable sculpture competitions, and photo shoots, and dresses are not enough. One cannot wear a formal dress every day, though one may want to, maybe. A visit, a collaboration, a MadMen-style blending of minds over way too many drinks, and it's LAYGS. It must be LAYGS, too. Leggings, but cooler.

Now. Now it is a retail space in San Pedro, CA, and a giant wheel of legs, and clients all over the world, and beautiful people wearing these things I have made with my hands, and laughing and talking with others in my marketplace, and encouraging other women in business, and working for things I believe in. That's "it" as it is today, for now.

I heard it was cold out and you don't want to be naked, so I made this. You're welcome.


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