Morenci, Arizona

Morenci, Arizona - student project

I was traveling through this mining town in Arizona and wanted to try my hand at sketching this.  I worked from a photo.  The class was so helpful because it made me locate everything in relation. I spent so much time recalculating and erasing that I kind of lost it on the right side. Probably trying to get too much detail. But even that was a great learning experience. 
While Morenci, Arizona - image 1 - student projectit took a long time time to put this all together it was well worth it!  Thanks so much Amy for this great class. 

I noticed repetitive things in the photo; the long narrow windows and the telephone poles. I did not put the poles and wires in the sketch but kind of wish I would have because of their repetitive interest. I love the idea of looking for this kind of thing. 

Morenci, Arizona - image 2 - student project

Teri Casper
Artist having fun.