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More than farms! (Topeka, Kansas)

I was born in Cuba and I lived there until I was 11. I made it to Miami, Florida and made that my home until about three years ago when I met a beautiful girl online. Now, I live in Topeka, Kansas and I'm married! Before I moved here, all I thought about when I thought about Kansas was The Wizard of Oz and farms, of course. And atlhough my project picture is that of a cow and the ones on here are not very urban, I promise that there are lot of cool stuff to see around here!

Ayway, I've been taking pictures everyday for a few weeks now. I'll update this post with the ones I took this week. Check back soon for the rest! All the photos on here were taken with an iPhone 4s, edited with Snapseed and VSCO.

UPDATE: Sorry that I've been a bit MIA, but I did not want to miss the deadline. I've been taking pictures almost everyday as you can see if you follow me on Instagram. Anyway, I added the new ones on here. Thanks for all the love!

Look me up! CubanInKansas


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