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More practice, practice, practice...

Negative space practice. My precision is getting better but can still use some improvement. Practice, practice, practice...


So I'm officially not a fan of masking fluid. Negative Space is definitely the preferred method for preserving white space and outlines for me at this point in the learning process. If I develop better control over application down the road maybe I'll warm up to this method. On to the next technique!


The White Paint Over Watercolor lesson has been my favorite exercise thus far. I really enjoyed practing with this technique and like this outcome best thus far. I just received the order I placed for cotton watercolor paper and I'm really excited about using it for the cloud activity next.



I thought I would breeze through the cloud activity with no fuss. There is a deceptive simplicity to this technique that caught me unawares.  My first layer of white went down fine but as I began to add layers and build volume I hit a rough patch. I was diluting the white ink waaaaaaay to much and I wasn't laying the brush down flat on the paper. I kept getting opaque white arcs because I was only using the tip of the brush. Once I figured out where I was going wrong I began using much less diluted white ink a made sure to apply it with a truly flat stroke of my brush. This is definitely a case of practice makes perfect! I enjoyed learning this technique for clouds. On to the final project...


For my final project I decided to go sailing among the clouds. I used negative space, masking fluid and white ink over watercolor to to paint this projects. I really enjoyed this class and I can't wait Ana's next one!



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