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More martial arts/weights/nutritional knowledge...and 4% less fat!

  1. Lose 10 pounds and/or 4% body fat (basically the same goal) no later than March 15.
  2. Rock my Level 3 Muay Thai and Level 2 Jeet Kune Do evaluations (in February and March), plus undoubtedly more by the end of the year, depending on scheduling.
  3. Keep testing my diet to find the perfect mix of nutrients that keep me active and lean, with the least amount of effort.
  4. Fitness habit change: Consistently weight train 2 days/week in addition to 3-5 days/week doing martial arts and/or snowboarding. Even though I've weight trained in the past, I basically stopped weight training when I started training 3-5 days/week in martial arts, because I was building muscle from classes. But I am realizing that weight training will help in two respects: To correct muscle imbalances (I keep injuring my lower left leg - calf, achilles, plantar fascia) and to ramp up fat loss, which has been happening at a far slower pace than one would expect given my activity and diet (according to my trainer and naturopath, not just me ;-) The last time that I was really buff, I was weight training 3-4 times/weekly.

1/24/12 - Hmm. Only one weight training day last week - "proof" via my Foursquare history: https://foursquare.com/bikegrrl/history.


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