More information = more job opportunities!

To pave my way to a "networking yes", I followed three natural resource companies that I find very interesting and I would LOVE to work for.

On top of this networking workshop, I attended a networking event with the BU Energy Club/Young Professionals in Energy/Net Impact last week to meet people in the energy field. I left with four new contacts and a bit more insight as to how my undergrad education fits into the environmental world. I am also attending another networking workshop tomorrow with the Environmental Business Council's Young Environmental Professionals Program titled "Marketing Yourself - Building a Personal Brand and Taking the Work Out of Networking". I hope to further strengthen my networking skills in this class and also prepare my "elevator pitch".

For privacy reasons I will not try a new social media platform. Being from the science field, social media does not play as strong of a role. I already have a LinkedIn profile, Twitter account, and a blog about cooking. I'd rather not make a page where all of these are accessible in one place.

Lastly, I plan on writing to a woman I see as a role model in the food writing arena. While this doesn't connect to my current work situation directly, I do hope to end up in a culinary realm - or at least an increase in blog popularity! My goal is to write a post on my blog about this woman (she's the author of the food blog titled Orangette) and discuss how she inspired me to write my own blog. Then I will message her, reveal myself as a silent follower, and thank her for the role she has played in my creative adventure.

And that is my evidence of a networking "yes"!


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