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More efficient sewing for my dog accessories biz

Love this class! I've already incorporated a few time-saving steps into my process:

  • making a chipboard template of one of my patterns (with more to come)
  • avoiding (or at least reducing) thread color changes
  • chaining my pieces instead of stopping to clip threads so often

I'm also keeping an eye on where else I can group tasks at different stations and would like to try cutting multiple layers of fabric at once.

I used the new chipboard template to quickly cut out the materials for these little dog collars and they went much faster than the previous batch (shown below):



And took advantage of reducing thread color changes! Normally with this many different fabrics I'd select way more thread colors, but for this batch of 6 poo bag dispensers I stuck with a brown and a dark grey, which allowed me to split them into 2 sets of three. It was a huge improvement over my old way of doing it.

I also did a lot of chaining with this batch as well.



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