Donna Cantrell

Instructional Designer/Media Developer



More Than Words: Capture It with Snagit

Project Title:  Create a Guided Tour Using Snagit

Project Description

For the class project, you’ll be creating your own guided tour using Snagit.  For your project, pick a topic which interests you, and which allows you to demonstrate how to do something step by step.  You’ll use both image capture and video capture to create your tour.  You’ll make your image captures more engaging and easy to follow by using Snagit’s tools and effects.  Finally, you’ll put it all together in a format which will allow you to share your guided tour with others.


  • At least 4 screen captures
  • Images marked up using at least 5 different Tools and Effects
  • A short video capture demonstrating a step-by-step process
  • Images captures and link to video capture presented together in a sharable format 

Class Outline

Intro Video

Here's a link to the published class


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