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More Practice Needed

I have taken a couple of online calligraphy classes but I need so much more practice!!! I really enjoyed Bryn's class  - nicely and clearly presented.  I did it over 2 days.  For the final project - not very original, I am afraid, I needed a birthday card for a friend who always makes the most beautiful handmade cards.

So I cut up my practice sheets and made 2 collage cards. The floral card uses the positive image that I cut out and the abstract version uses the negative shapes.  I think I prefer version 2.  What do you think?

I have a question that I would like to ask other users. I would like to post images taken with my Iphone 5 but everytime I try to post a picture, I get a message saying the image is too large. How do I work around this? All advice much appreciated.

Thank you



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