More Fit, Less Flab

My physique has always been in the range from "scrawny" to "so-so". Now I'm verging on flabby. Middle age and laziness are taking their toll.

My Goal: More fit, less flab. More gun, less gut.

  1. Information. I don't have a gym. I don't have spare money to join one. I just have some shoes, 2 dumbbells, and the internet.
  2. Weight training, especially upper body. This is mainly for appearance, but strength as a side effect would not be a bad thing.
  3. Endurance training. I'd like to be able to run a 10k (which requires getting back up to 5k first).


  • Find workout routines that fit my goals and constraints.
  • Find out more about P90X cost & time commitment.
  • Find out how to get past 5k without bonking. (idea: Exercise right before eating.)
  • Stop staring at this screen and do something physical.


  1. ???


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