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More Energy, Please!

Man, this was really hard to write! I had to think long and hard about why I wanted to lose weight. I figured it wasn't really looks, and I'm not training for a specific event... but one thing I do miss is an abundance of energy and being really cheerful.

Get stronger

Despite having played volleyball, tennis and throwing shot put, I have very little upper body strength! I've fantasized about improving that for a long time. My main goal is to improve my upper body strength, but I would also like to regain some of the overall strength I've lost in the past few years.

Goal: I really need help setting a goal here. I am usually pretty good at creating SMART goals for other things, but I'm honestly pretty clueless when it comes to fitness.

Better sleep

Admittedly, I'm a night owl. I love staying up late, and it's usually when I feel most awake and inspired. That being said, I've gone overboard with it and now I'm going to sleep just before the sun comes up. It's leaving me exhausted during the day when I have to get things done, not to mention that the quality of sleep that you get at those hours just isn't as good. The quantity of sleep I get is good, I just want to get better quality sleep.

Goal: Create a bedtime routine. For starters, this week, I'm aiming to have the TV and laptop off by 1am 3x.

Bonus: Reduce asthma/allergy symptoms (?)

I've also read some studies and articles recently that say losing weight can help with asthma symptoms. I don't actually have asthma (maybe COPD that started after a really bad cold/flu years ago?), but I have all the symptoms and have to take two different medications to deal with that... crap. Maybe if I lose some weight, I won't have to take as many meds? I'm willing to give it a try.

Update #1: My first positive change is that I have started walking my dog every day. Before, some other family member would do it, but I have started ot do it alone or with someone else. My plan was to do that as an every day habit, and then slowly add in other more serious exercise. That part has been going well also -- I've added in bodyweight exercises and some cardio (dancing, the only kind of cardio I like) 1x/week. I think in the past, the reason I never stuck to anything is because I'd try to go HAM wayyy too early; going from 0 to 60 right away. Making smaller changes, even though I am impatient, is working much better.


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