More Color Birdz

More Color Birdz - student project

In 2017 I started a challenge halfway through a broader challenge, this time called #42colorbirdz. My super-supportive Instagram followers seemed to love all the birds (though I'm always afraid of clogging my feed with redundant subject matter)!


More Color Birdz - image 1 - student project


There were 42 birds--each showcasing a color from Dr Ph Martin's paints sets A, B, and C. Once I was finished, it was compiled into a book with color swatches on the left. Dr Ph Martin's folks were very excited and will be lining it up within their resale inventory. 

More Color Birdz - image 2 - student project

see my reaction

The also sent some gifts... including Set D! I didn't realize there was one more set. And so, I challenged myself to create a bird for each of those paints, 14 more!

More Color Birdz - image 3 - student project

(Lots of inks, too, which are not my strength but free art supplies?? Heck YASS!)

More Color Birdz - image 4 - student project

For now, I'm really happy to have my Book available on Etsy. And I'm looking forward to doing more birds, I'm planning on picking up #colorbirdz again in February. 

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