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Justin Jones

Designer & Illustrator



Moonrise Kingdom

Hello All,

For my class project I'm going to try and tackle the movie "Moonrise Kingdom". My fiancé loves this movie and she recently got me to watch it. While it wasn't my FAVORITE movie, I did enjoy it. I'm choosing it because 1) I can't really pick one favorite movie that i'd want to do for this and 2) this is the freshest movie on my mind. 

This movie also had a very strong art direction that I think could help push me in a direction in the look of my animation.

Here is my list of keywords.


  • Forest
  • Scouts
  • Coonskin Cap
  • Map
  • Glasses
  • Letters
  • Record Player
  • Scissors
  • Rain
  • Church Tower
  • Binoculars
  • Pipe
  • Compass


Update #1:

Reference Images

These images represent the style / look I'll be aiming for.




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