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Moonrise Kingdom

I already work in advertising in the photography field but want to learn more about illustrator to further my knowledge and skillset. Because of this I decided not to copy from another illustration, and instead create a graphical image from a photograph so that I could interpret the image myself. Specifically I have been looking into movie posters and film stills and realised that the film I find most interesting and easiest to convert into an interesting graphical piece is Wes Andersons Moonrise Kingdom.

Here is the film still I have chosen to illustrate:


I chose this image because I thought the exagerrated styling in the ladder to the tree house would work well as an illustration and the image is relatively simple to replicate. 

Here is where I am so far: 

I have left out a lot of features such as the two kids at the bottom to simplify things for myself. From this I decided to change my background colours to something more lively to this:

I have just completed the first set of video tutorials and have made and arranged my shapes and started to build a basic colour palette. I realise I have chosen a good image as it seems effective as a simplistic design and there is a lot of room to develop further.

Im pretty happy with the result so far as my biggest problem in the past is not having the knowledge in illustrator, getting frustrated and giving up before completing a project.

Next, after finishing the next set of video tutorials I want to continue by perfecting my colour palette and adding textures, shadows and perhaps patterns. 

Please let me know what you think! Critique is very welcome with me. Thanks


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