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Moonlight Baby

Moodboard - I'm just at the inspiration phase right now. For this project I want to create a series of children's prints that are fun & quirky yet still possess a level of sophistication. Most of the images are centered around the sky (clouds, rain drops, moon, stars, etc.). I am majorly inspired by color and retro illustrations. Definitely will refine my color palette later. Can't wait to get started!


In Progress Print - This is my seamless reapeat so far. I defintely still need to tweak some things, especially the colors and the line weights on some shapes. I need to fill in some of the spaces and maybe add a textural element. I think there may be some tracking going on with the skinny crescent moons. I don't know if they create too much of a stripey pattern but I'll sleep on it. So far I'm pleased with Elizabeth's process. I love the way she teaches. I got a little lost with the X Y Coordinate thing (+1000 thing) but I caught on. The print is pretty cute so far. I can't wait to see how it's going to turn out!

(Close up of work in progress)

Need to make the eyelashes thinner and I'm undecided on the light blue thinkerbell"ish" stars. They are the only thing I used the pen tool with and it shows. I will most likely scrap them.

While procrastinating from finalizing my main print, I got one of my companion prints done. Just whipped it out pretty quickly. I like the colors. Don't think I will change it at all. 


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