Mooniya.journal - student project

Writing was a challenge for me. I got stuck several times trying to put my feelings into words. I am a visual person and I prefer to draw, but once I let it flow, I felt good.


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Enjoy my little moonster.


#1 The ? chart

With the pandemic, my schedule is a mess, so...I am working on it.

Mooniya.journal - image 1 - student project


#2 Cultivate joy

I was so sad this week that this exercise was really good to see that I still have joy in my life.


#3 Work thought regret

Before I was like “Run! Run! Run faster!” that I did not have time to think about my regrets...but with the pandemic, the thing I have the most is time to be with my human self.

Mooniya.journal - image 2 - student project


#4 Redefine success

I had a script of success, but once I started checking the bullets, I was not happy… It was a good exercise to see life from a new perspective.

Mooniya.journal - image 3 - student project


#5 Write to your young self

My old self, so naive...


#6 Write from your quote

I don’t really have a quote I love, but this one got stuck in my head like some shit song... So I wrote about it....

Mooniya.journal - image 4 - student project


#7 Brain dump

Not so full, but I tried...

Mooniya.journal - image 5 - student project