Moon Cycle Tarot Reading

Moon Cycle Tarot Reading - student project

Moon Cycle Tarot Reading - image 1 - student project

I decided to do a moon cycle reading, so these cards are in order from top left to bottom right as beginning of the month (new moon to full moon). Here goes:


Beginning of the month starts with Queen of Pentacles in reverse; essentially, this is showing me that at this time, a lot of love and care is being directed into myself. This could mean I am starting to eat better, or am working out, or am maybe putting more work into self-care in general (which is all true!). It also highlights a really bad sort of imbalance between work and life- one of these is getting more attention than the other and it's causing feelings of overwhelmingness and maybe even emptiness/loneliness.


Into the month, High Priestess and Hermit in reverse show me that that loneliness may be peaking through because of too much isolation and refusing to seek out support. However, it's not all bad as High Priestess urges you to reconnect with intuition and with yourself. The same tools that may cause isolation (the laptop in the hermit) can also be used to help connect you to others and to a greater sense of purpose if you look at it in the right prospective. 


End of the month with Seven of Pentacles shows me that the focus should still be on relaxing and enjoyment of life. Whatever seeds I have planted previously are growing, so there needs to be faith that whatever I have been nurturing since the beginning of the month (hopefully my health and self-worth) will blossom soon. As the High Priestess reveals, you already know all the answers, you just need to trust yourself.