Moon Cycle Tarot Reading

Moon Cycle Tarot Reading - student project

Although I still consider myself a beginner, I am not completely new to tarot. The Moon Cycle spread is one that I had not heard of until this course, so I decided to give it a go.


Waxing: Five of Cups (disappointment, failure, wake up call)

Full Moon: The World (completion, stability, permanent transformations, closure)

Waning: Two of Wands (planning, long-term goals, realizing what the world has to offer)

New Moon: Knight of Wands (action, charging forward, pursuit of goals)


I conducted this reading with only six days left in the Waxing stage, so the Five of Cups more or less represents my present. In the last few weeks, I have encountered disappointment after disappointment. My mental health has started to slip, along with my academic performance, motivation, and attendance. It is disappointment in myself that has characterized this phase of the moon. Perhaps the Five of Cups is indicating that it's time to forgive myself, move on from these failures, and start again on the right foot.

The Full Moon is an appropriate place for The World card to appear, as the card often represents completion and cycles. Undoubtedly this card is indicating a transformation of some sort, and it is my hope that it will be a favorable one, allowing me to find closure from the disappointments of the Five of Cups and to learn from my mistakes.

The Two of Wands indicates the steps I should take after finding closure to ensure that I don't lapse back into old habits. I need to find direction, plan for the future, and explore my options. Lack of direction is something that has occurred in several recent readings that I've had done recently, so I am starting to sense that it is important in my journey of self-growth.

Finally, the Knight of Wands indicates the pursuit of goals I will have set during the Waning phase. It represents a turning point from inaction to action, the product of several weeks worth of growth.