Moon Cycle Spread

Moon Cycle Spread - image 1 - student projectNew Moon: IV of Cups

Waxing Moon: X of Pentacles

Full Moon: III of Wands

Waning Moon: The Star


I am currently in between jobs and finding it hard to decide on a new goal or path. I've pulled these cards on the night of a new moon so the first card is my present.


The IV of Cups signifies greed and discontent and warns not to take the present for granted. This helped me be mindful about my situation and reminded me that now is not the time to feel sorry for myself but instead to look at it as an opportunity to achieve something amazing.

The X of Pentacles signifies fulfillment and abundance. During the waxing moon I will make an effort to be grateful and proud of what I have instead of being worrying about what my next step is. I have put a lot of pressure on myself this past month to figure things out and these cards have given me a reason to slow down and appreciate what is already there.

The III of Wands sends encouragement to envision the future. Once I have had the time to be grateful for what I have, I will be recharged and be able to use the power of the full moon to set new intentions. Not necessarily a 5-year plan; more an attempt at being honest with myself about what my wants and needs are and allowing that to guide me in my next endeavor.

The Star represents hope and peace of mind. I usually use the power of the waning moon to let go of things that no longer suit me. This month I will try to let go of my obsessive need to overthink things and instead use the time for reflection.


I had never heard of this spread before but I am a big fan of the moon and I had a lot of fun with this exercise.