Moon Cycle Galaxy

Moon Cycle Galaxy - student project

I used this class when I was working on this idea for the moon cycle in watercolors. I really love being overly precise with watercolors, so this was just right for me. Also all things galaxy make me happy. 

I saw a moon cycle row with geometric lines as a tattoo somewhere and I recreated the lines from memory. Don't know if they are supposed to be a certain way to represent a certain meaning, so I freestyled with the graphic elements. I did a color test first in my sketchbook, where I also added some peony flowers, but I didn't like how they led the attention away from the moons. 

I then practiced a litte image with white lines as negative space to see how they would turn out. Then for the big project: More moons, more lines, and a little saturn and satelite too. Here's how I used various ways of white: 

I used masking tape around the edges to keep them white.
I did negative painting around the white lines. 
I used some masking fluid over the stars to keep them from getting splattered, and I cut out little paper circles to lay over the moons to protect them too. After splattering white ink with a toothbrush, I dotted some stars with my gelly roll pen to vary their size. Lastly, I painted saturn and the satelite their colors. And painted the faintest little dark outline around parts of the moons to let them pop just a little more. 

I'll be doing the cloud exercise later, it looks so fluffy and soft! 

Hope you guys like this project and it inspires some of you out there. 

Moon Cycle Galaxy - image 1 - student project

Moon Cycle Galaxy - image 2 - student project

Moon Cycle Galaxy - image 3 - student project

Eline Stolp

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