Moon Child

Moon Child - student project

This was such a useful class for me and I learnt so much about the quick menu and gestures that Procreate has to offer. I always knew Procreate had gesture short cuts but I felt I wasn’t ‘ready’ for them.  Leo explained so efficiently how to set up and use them to improve your work flow.


For me, the tapping gesture to find a layer is my favourite! My work flow is still a bit all over the place and I often jump from layer to layer whenever I spot something that needs tweaking. This is a HUGE time saver for me.


The class project was to revisit an early design/illustration, and recreate it with the tips and tricks you learn throughout the class. What a great way to develop your new skills on your own artwork.


Below, is the first digital illustration I created last year, which took 17 hours and 16 minutes in total to finish,  as I was never quite happy with it!

Moon Child - image 1 - student project

Armed with my new skills, a more refined colour palette and favourite texture brushes I created the piece below in 4 hours.

Moon Child - image 2 - student project