Moody photo inspiration


Photo #1

I think this photo is a great representation of styling and utilizing lights and darks. The first thing I noticed was the slice of cake in the middle, with all the texture of the powdered sugar on top. But what really sells the photo, I think, is the surprise of the cat. I love that the cat isn't immediately obvious...it made me smile as soon as I noticed the pale green eyes, and gave me a feeling of being home. The story here is one of warmth, family, and creature comforts. I'd like to throw similar surprises into my photos, and figure out how to create photos that balance light and dark so well.



Photo #2

I chose this photo for its tactile nature. The lighting here is really good...the light source is coming from the right, creating some dramatic lights and darks. Again, the first thing I noticed was the crisp, salty texture of the chicken. I feel like I'm looking over the shoulder of someone who is about to eat this meal. I also really like the balance created by the white plate, which lets the colors of the sauces stand out. I want to learn to accentuate the texture in my photos to make the food feel as real as it does here.



Photo #3

I usually don't like soup, and I don't eat tofu or mushrooms. But this photo makes me feel like I can smell the ingredients cooking. I love how light and airy this photo feels, compared to the other two. The styling is nice, but I'd like to see a little more messiness instead of having all of the ingredients neatly plated. The first thing I noticed in this photo was the spoon in the middle bowl, which guided my eye into the photo. This photo tells a story of chilly fall days, when the leaves are turning, and a homemade meal. I want my photos to have a similar lightness and variety of color.



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